An Esthetician’s Posh Journey

Five years ago when I opened my skin care practice, I had an account with an internationally respected skin care brand. It was a good product line, with a variety of cleansers, exfoliants, masks and moisturizers for all skin types. It was effective and I got results when I used these products during spa treatments.

However, a couple of years into my business ownership adventure I started to get bored with the products I was using. They still worked really well, but the packaging and scents were clinical (AKA a snoozefest), they could be purchased at many locations around town, and the price point was just high enough that it was a deterrent to people wanting to take a chance on an impulse buy. I needed to find a new addition to my product toolbox.

Along came Perfectly Posh. A esthetician friend of mine had started selling it, and I was drawn in by the fun packaging, clever names and moderate price point. This was a line that spoke to me, and because Posh also makes a wide array of body treatment products, all of the voids in my practice could be filled by opening just this one account.

And so I did! Two-and-a-half years later, I still find Perfectly Posh’s line to be effective, budget-friendly, and so much fun to use and sell in my skin care practice. My clients love the products and are thrilled to be able to use them at home too. Thank you, Posh!


Andrea Lipomi is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech in Las Vegas, NV. You can learn more about her practice at

Basic Facial Steps for a DIY Facial

Of course I reference Perfectly Posh products in this video, but you could use pretty much any complete skin care line for similar results.

Watching the video above is the sexiest way to learn about these steps, but the express version consists of this:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Tone (if you want to, or after cleansing if you want to, or really anywhere that makes sense for you)
  4. Massage
  5. Extractions (only if you’re trained to do them safely!)
  6. Mask
  7. Treat
  8. Moisturize/SPF

Questions? Want to add Posh to your home or business routine? Ask me anything!

Perfectly Posh for Estheticians

Several esthetician friends of mine have been asking “Should I join Posh?”

The short answer is “YES.”

Adding Perfectly Posh to my skin care practice has changed things up in a big way. I explain more in this video (please watch!), but to be quick about it I am enjoying my work, selling more retail, and developing much more beneficial and unique spa treatments now that Posh is in my toolbox. Posh is affordable, effective and so. much. fun.

If you’d like to chat about adding Perfectly Posh to YOUR esthetics practice, please ask me anything! I’d love to have you join our team. 


Perfectly Posh Facial Extractions

If you’re like me, you’re all about the extractions: a longtime Biore Pore Strip user, a Dr. Pimple Popper video watcher, and someone who will never tire of watching impacted sebum and skin cells gush out of your own congested pores. Blackheads? Let me at ’em!

I find that it’s a gentler process to extract blackheads when the skin has been “lubricated” with a facial oil — basically massaged for 5 – 10 minutes with a product like Perfectly Posh’s Love Me Dew. The oil penetrates the pores, helping the ickiness to slide right out.

I’ve also gotten great extraction results after applying one of Perfectly Posh’s clay-based facial masks in a blackhead-ridden area post facial massage. Great picks from the current catalog would be Giving Me Life and Smashing Good Pumpkin. They help to remove any dead skin cells that may be getting in the way of the blackheads’ thorough removal.

Here’s my first extraction video!* I promise the next one will be better, but you can see the grossness on the tip of my left index finger as I work those pores. (Big thanks to Brent Bornemeier of Bold Bodywork for being my model!)


  1. Cleanse skin with a Perfectly Posh cleanser of your choice
  2. Remove cleanser with a warm, damp towel
  3. Massage Perfectly Posh’s Love Me Dew Facial Oil into your skin for 5 – 10 minutes, focusing on areas containing the most blackheads
  4. Gently remove excess oil from your skin, just enough so skin isn’t covered with a thick layer of oil
  5. Apply a Perfectly Posh clay-based mask (we used Giving Me Life) in the area to be extracted and leave on for the maximum time listed on the instructions
  6. Remove mask with a warm, damp towel
  7. Watch those extractions pop out with minimal coaxing
  8. After extractions, wipe area down with a toner
  9. Apply a Perfectly Posh facial moisturizer of your choice (we used Moisturize 911)

Now that I’ve been bitten by the extraction video bug, I’m going to be on the prowl for a better setup that takes clear close up videos. Stay tuned, and Posh on!

*I’m a licensed esthetician, so I’m not telling you you should go around performing extractions for people if you’re not licensed, but what you do to your own face is up to you. Please be gentle! Aggressive extractions can damage your skin!


Andrea Lipomi has been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant since September 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit her Posh site at, follow her on Instagram at @feetishspa, and ask her anything at