Share Makes Me Want to Share!

I have never tried coconut oil before this week, even though it’s extremely popular and beneficial.  (Gasp! I know! It cures everything, ha!)  I  have been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant for about 6 months. Over time my daily personal care products have changed from drug store brands to Posh. And yet, never coconut oil. Until now!

My sweet Mama purchased my sister and me “Sunny” and “Share” Coconut Oils, respectively. I could smell it through the package! “Share” has a light, clean sugary citrus scent. The smell is clean, light, and fresh, not overpowering at all. But it’s oil. As a massage therapist I have a love/hate relationship with oil. Fourteen years ago in massage school we slathered olive oil onto each other practicing our technique. Let’s just say when I graduated I vowed never to touch oil to bodies again! Goopy, gunky, thick, smelly, and it stayed on top of the skin. “Basted turkey” is a term often used to describe a massage with too much oil. Forgive me, Mama, for being skeptical of your Christmas gift 🙂


Skin Joy Share Coconut Oil

While trying to stick my oil-snobby nose in the air, I opened Share after my shower yesterday. I couldn’t keep my nose up because the coconut oil smelled fabulous! Uh, oh. The package is slick. Well, it IS oil, slick packaging should be expected. I started with a face application. Oh, yeah, you can put it on your face! One dab covered half my face! Sweet! One more dab covered the rest. I massaged the oil gently into the skin on my face feeling it absorb slowly, but surely. The oil did NOT stay shiny on my face.

Next, I slathered Share all over my body. I did not need to use much product to get full coverage. In fact, my tub looks untouched but I covered my whole body with it. The oil is chunky, yet, slick, then body heat melts into a silky oil. It stays on the skin long enough to massage a little bit, then absorbs nicely. No basted turkey gross feeling. I was definitely surprised by that. I will ask my husband to use Share the next time he massages my back!

Thank you, Mama, for the thoughtful gift and the life lesson. Don’t be a snob. Share what you love 🙂

Tracy Bradley is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arkansas who fights headaches with her bare hands. Tracy’s Posh site can be found at  Find Tracy’s VIP Group on Facebook here for product chat, games, samples, and more!