Perfectly Posh 2017 UNCON Convention Recap

I attended my first UNCON (Unconventional) earlier this month in Sandy, Utah and it exceeded my expectations by a landslide!

I had attended Posh Regional Meetings (PRMs) in the past with mixed feelings. Although it was cool to meet other Posh consultants,  I never walked away with nuggets of information or inspiration that I could immediately apply to my Posh biz. These usually cost $19, and you might leave with a few samples. Nowadays if your regional meeting reaches a certain number of attendees, the Posh home office (HO) will send an employee out to talk with the group — which is nice for people who can’t make it to the bigger events — but I craved more.

I had also attended a few Day Aways, which were semi-annual mini-conventions. These were better than regional meetings. They cost $39 but you walked out with at least $75 worth of full size products and samples. The HO staff basically toured around the country and stopped in several cities, so you got to listen to a large portion of the most knowledgable HO staff members talking about the company. At Day Aways I found the leadership sessions to be the most interesting, as they gave more specific information to Premiers and higher to help us with our businesses — and they fed us dinner.

While Day Aways were going on, semi-annual Posh Night events took place where they’d reveal our brand new catalog and exciting new products to a live audience in a major city. I wasn’t able to make it to Posh Night in the past, so watching the big reveal at UNCON this month was amazing.

UNCON consisted of breakout sessions that served to inform and inspire, and for the most part, they succeeded! My favorite outside speakers were Jia Jiang (Rejection Proof) and Sarah Robbins (who makes over $1,000,000 annually with Rodan + Fields). They shared simple, effective ideas for breaking out of a slump (whether you realize you’re in one or not), and they’ve done massive things in life.

Of course we were given multiple swag bags including full size products, and they fed us at the closing shindig. We were at UNCON for two full days, from 8am – 11pm both days. There was a Portal Store where you could buy samples, apparel, etc., but the line was long and the samples were sold out by the time we got in there. (If this is important to you you should hurry to the Portal Store doors and park your behind there so you can rush in and grab all the samples before they’re gone. We didn’t care all that much.)

Next year’s UNCON will be in Nashville in July 2018. I’m really looking forward to going! Here are some videos from UNCON (some useful, some ridiculous). Enjoy!