What You Get When You Join Perfectly Posh

I made a video to tell you what you get when you join Perfectly Posh, and what makes our Perfectly Posh team unique! There are lots of awesome Perfectly Posh teams out there; here’s a little info about the Poshophiliacs so you can determine if we seem like a good fit for you!

As always, please feel free to ask us anything. If you’re looking for more information about joining Perfectly Posh click here. ❤


How To Earn The Most Free Stuff When You Join Perfectly Posh This Month

Join Perfectly Posh this month (November 2017) and you’ll have lots of opportunities to earn lots of free stuff:

  • Your kit is just $99, and that includes over $150 worth of full size Perfectly Posh products, plus a bunch of samples, sales tools and a FREE website.
  • When you hit $250 in PV (personal volume, AKA retail sales or personal purchases made through your free website) within your first 15 days of joining, you’ll earn $110 in Perks, redeemable for free full size Perfectly Posh products or sales tools.
  • When you hit $500 in PV and sponsor one new team member (even if they’re a kitnapper, meaning they just want the kit and they don’t plan on selling Perfectly Posh) by your 30th day as a consultant, you’ll earn $330 total in Perks, redeemable for free full size Perfectly Posh products or sales tools.
  • With each purchase YOU make through your own website, and anytime someone else uses YOUR personalized link to shop (mine is poshgoth.po.sh, but you would choose your own) you earn Perks you can redeem for full size Perfectly Posh products or sales tools.
  • When you sponsor a new team member in November, you’ll earn a FREE exclusive item to sell, keep, use or give away! You’ll earn one for every new teammate you sponsor! This month’s sponsor exclusive is a shimmery rose-scented bath liqueur called “Poppin’ Bottles”.
  • Our team gives away prizes every month in our Poshophiliacs team Facebook group. There’s always a mix of no PV neccessary giveaways and giveaways for those who are actively working their Perfectly Posh businesses. Prizes have included limited edition items, sample bundles, fun sales tools, full size Perfectly Posh products, and even mega bundles worth $75 that include FIZI bath bombs! (In fact, if you join our Perfectly Posh team this month and you sponsor three new team members by the end of November, you’ll earn a $75 bundle for yourself!)

Please ask us anything! Entrepreneurs and kitnappers welcome! Sell Perfectly Posh to your people for holiday gifting, or enjoy your personal discount this holiday season. Either way, team Poshophiliacs would LOVE to have you join us!

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Andrea Lipomi is a Silver Premier with Perfectly Posh who really loves free stuff. 

The Lazy Perfectly Posh Consultant

Can you sign up for a Perfectly Posh account and put absolutely zero effort in after that point?

  • Sure. You can, and many do, and that’s fine! We still want you on our team! Enjoy the great deal you got on your awesome kit and if you want to order more stuff in the future, enjoy your discount!

Can you put in some casual effort and make sales?

  • Yes! Give Posh as gifts and put your contact info and website on each item. You have to give gifts throughout the year anyway!
  • Put a delicious-smelling Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme on your desk at work and use it throughout the day. Invite your coworkers to use it. Make sure they know you sell it. Keep a Posh catalog in plain sight too.
  • Hand out samples with your info on them to people you see during your daily activities. An easy, zero-pressure way to share them might sound like “Posh just sent me a box of samples! Here, have some!”
  • Post photos and videos of yourself using fun Posh products on your regular old social media accounts. You’re going to post that selfie anyway!

Can I put in part-time or full-time effort if I want to?

  • Absolutely! I put in solid part-time hours every week working my Posh business. I spend a few hours per week maintaining my own business and taking care of my own customers, a few hours per week chatting with and coaching my team (of over 200 consultants — Facebook is infinitely helpful with these activities), and a few hours per week looking at numbers, educating myself, and planning for the future of my Posh business.

You can choose how active you want to be with Posh. There are no monthly minimum sale requirements and your website is free, so get your soap and hand creme on and see what you think!


Andrea Lipomi is a massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech living in Las Vegas, NV. She’s also a Silver Premier with Perfectly Posh (which is three levels down from the top, because who would know that?) Check out her site and drop her a line here.



Samples and how a non-girly girl ended up selling Posh

I am a sucker for Posh samples. I order them by the dozens. It’s just one of the many pieces of Posh that has taken over our house, much to the chagrin of a certain someone. (It’s my husband. OK. That’s who it is.)


That picture up there? That’s not even half.

So I’ve been giving a lot away lately, because I’m trying to make room for the upcoming spring catalog. I put together lots of packages today.

I still have a lot left.

But there’s a reason I think I compulsively collect these things, beyond that I want to try all the products.

It was one little sample that put me on this journey.

A bit of a backstory: I’ve never in my life sold through direct sales. I’ve gone to some parties and made purchases. I’ve been put in a lot of Facebook groups against my will for products I don’t want. I’ve been harassed to just listen in to this phone call or sign on the dotted line.

No thanks.

In fact, when I started selling Posh, some people were like ‘You? You’re not really the selling type.” Yeah, I know.

But it was bigger than that.

See, I moved to a city when I was 24 and I stayed there until I was 37. I got involved in groups, went out all the time, stayed at the same job for 13 years. I had friends out the wazoo. I knew everyone. I had such a support network of awesome women.

Then we moved across the country, which is totally fine because I wanted to move, too. And while there I had…zero friends. I never left the house on the weekends. I’d try to approach others and I just couldn’t connect. I spent all my time with my family, which is OK, because I love them, but sometimes, I just needed to talk with some women. (aside from just FB messaging with some of my old friends).

It was pretty very depressing.

And then we moved again. Across the country, again. Guess what? Didn’t know anyone out here either. And, my kids were older and spent more time hanging out in their rooms than hanging out with me. And the husband worked an opposite schedule as me. I worked and came home. I needed SOMETHING. I needed something to do and I needed to meet people.

Flash forward a year:

A friend had an online Posh party and invited me.

Me: “I have no idea what this is and I’m not even remotely interested.”

The last hour of the week-long party I browsed the site and thought the products were cute and affordable. I placed a small order.

In my thank you card, I received a sample of the BFF face wash.

This thing:


And I. Fell. In. Love.

So I felt like “Everyone I know needs to know about this.” And for the first time, I thought about selling something. But it went deeper than that. I NEEDED something.

So I contacted the woman who hosted the party I was invited to. Told her I was thinking about it. She assured me that if I didn’t want to sell it, it was OK. The kit for $99 was a super deal for all the products you got.

I told myself, “Well, I’ll buy it. I’ll TRY to sell it. If I can’t, I’ll enjoy my products.”

Guess what? I sold it. A LOT of it. I still sell a lot of it. I used every thing I learned from being spammed and the target of pushy pitches and did the opposite.

But more than that, I met a group of super supportive women — including a woman on my team who actually lives in my town. We lift each other up, we support each other, we help  each other. We’re pretty ride or die. You cross one of us, and the others will have your back so fast you’ll find yourself surrounded by a haze of pink and polka dots before you even know what happened.

The woman who hosted that party in August? She’s now my sponsor. She’s the biggest cheerleader I have. And she and I have become pretty good buds who ended up having a lot in common.

I had something to do again. I met new people and had a big network again. And, when I was whipping out my Posh credit card for Christmas presents, it was a pretty good feeling.

And to think. It all started with one little sample.

Want to join my team of women who cheer each other on, but have a few questions? Message me at melissasullivan22@gmail.com.

Melissa Sullivan is a consumer of words, a fan of pampering and can sit in a bathtub for an amazing amount of time. Her Posh page is https://msullivan.po.sh




Get the week off of me! EWWW

If you’re like most people, the week can take its toll.

Between children, chores, commuting, work, whatever’s going on in the world and standing in a ridiculously long line at the grocery store because someone is wanting to do a price match on 36 items in her cart, by the time it’s Sunday night, you just want to hide. And even better, you’re about to start it allllll over again.

So, on Sunday nights, I have this thing that I do. Here it is:


Yes. Take a bath. I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting clean isn’t a once-a-week thing or anything. But it’s usually a shower that’s all business.

The Sunday night bath is all about some me time, washing the week off and mentally preparing for the next one. It’s something that doesn’t take a long time, but can bring a priceless peace.

First thing when I jump in the bath is get out my best friend:


Yeah, I know it’s blurry. I was trying to take a picture without dropping the phone into the water and actually adding to my stress.

So Best Face Forever is my jam. It’s what got me addicted to Posh. It’s what got me to become a consultant because I wanted every single one of my friends to know of its magic. It’s the product that, if we’re out, my significant other is all ‘Heyyyyy! We need more.” It’s got grapefruit. It’s got peppermint. It’s got sugar beads to exfoliate. It will clean your face right up and make you feel ALLLIIIIIIVE. ALLLLIIIIIIVE.

Next up is the Ritual. Ritual for the ritual, huh? hahaha. Anyway. The Ritual is a consultant-only mask you only get when you sign up. Seriously, I wish I could sign up a million times just to have a million of them. It’s a deep-cleaning clay mask. I was gonna take a picture of myself all masking it up, but figured I’d spare everyone.

Pink. CREAMY. Kinda smells like cherries. Now it comes in a tube, but way back three months ago, it came in a tub.

While my face is getting all clean, I gotta get the body clean. Enter the PJs All Day body scrub. It’s thick and sugary and smells like vanilla and lavender. It even has real lavender in it! It as an exclusive a few months ago, so you can’t get it on the site anymore, but GUESS WHAT. I have more, so if you ever found yourself needing one, and seriously, you should, contact me, and I’ll make it happen. Look how fun it is:


Next I rinse my Ritual mask off. I didn’t take a picture of that or anything, but trust me, I rinse it off. But, I don’t want my face to feel all dry and gross, right. What to do? Call 911!


Not literally. Moisturize 911. It’s light and has some caffeine to tighten that saggy skin and brightens you up with vitamin C. Sometimes, if it’s the weekend and I feel lazy, but I still have to go out in public for something, I just put some Moisturize 911 on my face so I don’t look like a total zombie.

Once I get out and dry myself off, it’s the real treat. Violet Femme. It’s a whipped body butter that smells like blueberry waffles. I know, right? It was something you could only get when you signed up in October, so you can’t buy one, but all the Perfectly Posh body butters are awesome.

Look how thick that stuff is? That’s my finger practically upside down and it’s not sliding off. Other perk, a little goes a long way. I like to sing “American Music” while I’m putting it on. “I want you to hold me! I want your arms around me!” No Idea what I’m talking about? Guess you weren’t a disaffected teen in the early ’90s.

So that’s pretty much how it goes. I crawl in bed all soft and smelling good. I get the week filled with stupid things like the woman who brought her dog into Big Lots and played like she was blind because they only allow service animals (THIS REALLY HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK) away from me and gear up for whatever bizarre deck of cards is incoming for the next week. It’s a little thing, but it’s something I look forward to every week.

Melissa Sullivan has been a Perfectly Posh consultant since August 2016. She enjoys finding weird things on Wikipedia, regaling her younger co-workers with stories of concerts she went to in her youth and making up songs for her dogs. Find her Posh site at https://msullivan.po.sh

Join Perfectly Posh in January

The current Perfectly Posh kit (available now, and for a little while longer until the new catalog kits come out) is pretty awesome. It’s $99 plus tax and shipping, and includes business tools (if you want to start your own Posh business) such as samples and a FREE website that requires minimal setup (like, input your name minimal).

Now let’s talk about the products included in January’s kit!


  • Olive My Love is my FAVORITE Perfectly Posh facial cleanser! It smells like lavender and other relaxing essential oils, and is the gentlest cleanser I’ve ever used. It also makes an excellent makeup remover.
  • Love The Dark Body Wash is like a body scrub and body mask in one. It contains charcoal powder, sea salt, and fabulous moisturizing ingredients too! It’s a dramatic pure black scrub with a delightfully clean scent fit for all genders.
  • Plum Luck Body Butter is thick and ultra hydrating, with a sultry fruity-floral-spicy scent that stays on your skin allllll dayyyy.
  • Rehab Solid Lotion Bar is a thick healing balm that smells like Creamsicles.
  • Gender Bender Body Wash shares the unisex scent of Gender Bender Chunk Soap, but without the bar.
  • Smashing Good Pumpkin Face & Body Clay Mask is so gentle and a miracle worker on acne and blackheads. I use this on blackhead-prone noses during facials at my office with great results.
  • The Immunator Skin Stick is like your favorite clean essential oil blends (Young Living Thieves? doTERRA OnGuard?) married a soothing shea butter base and moved into a jumbo Chapstick tube.
  • Apricots Overnight is an apricot-scented hydrating facial mask that melts into your skin as you snooze. Big fan.
  • Hello Sweetie Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme is the best hand creme formula I’ve found to date, with a yummy vanilla scent. Think Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar to the max.
  • Whole Lava Love is like Love The Dark Body Scrub, but for your face. Spearmint, with a fine grit exfoliant and charcoal powder.
  • Vanity Pear Chunk Soap is a huge white bar of fruity cleansing power.
  • TWO scrubby Snarky Bars! These destroy neck-down ingrown hairs. Raspberry Beret is fruity (of course), and the Classic Pink Snarky is exotic floral and sandalwood scented (if you like ‘Lil Snarky Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme you’ll love the Classic Pink Snarky Bar).



  • An 8 oz. That’s What Shea Said Body Mask! This exclusive product is only available when you grab this kit.
  • An exclusive Ritual Facial Mask! This pink clay mask is only available in Perfectly Posh kits for new consultants. It’s so deep cleansing, you’ll wish you could buy more.

Questions? Ask me anything, the sillier the better. Ready to join? We’d love to have you.



Andrea Lipomi has been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant since September 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit her Posh site at https://poshgoth.po.sh, follow her on Instagram at @feetishspa, and ask her anything at feetishspa@gmail.com.