What You Get When You Join Perfectly Posh

I made a video to tell you what you get when you join Perfectly Posh, and what makes our Perfectly Posh team unique! There are lots of awesome Perfectly Posh teams out there; here’s a little info about the Poshophiliacs so you can determine if we seem like a good fit for you!

As always, please feel free to ask us anything. If you’re looking for more information about joining Perfectly Posh click here. ❤


How To Earn The Most Free Stuff When You Join Perfectly Posh This Month

Join Perfectly Posh this month (November 2017) and you’ll have lots of opportunities to earn lots of free stuff:

  • Your kit is just $99, and that includes over $150 worth of full size Perfectly Posh products, plus a bunch of samples, sales tools and a FREE website.
  • When you hit $250 in PV (personal volume, AKA retail sales or personal purchases made through your free website) within your first 15 days of joining, you’ll earn $110 in Perks, redeemable for free full size Perfectly Posh products or sales tools.
  • When you hit $500 in PV and sponsor one new team member (even if they’re a kitnapper, meaning they just want the kit and they don’t plan on selling Perfectly Posh) by your 30th day as a consultant, you’ll earn $330 total in Perks, redeemable for free full size Perfectly Posh products or sales tools.
  • With each purchase YOU make through your own website, and anytime someone else uses YOUR personalized link to shop (mine is poshgoth.po.sh, but you would choose your own) you earn Perks you can redeem for full size Perfectly Posh products or sales tools.
  • When you sponsor a new team member in November, you’ll earn a FREE exclusive item to sell, keep, use or give away! You’ll earn one for every new teammate you sponsor! This month’s sponsor exclusive is a shimmery rose-scented bath liqueur called “Poppin’ Bottles”.
  • Our team gives away prizes every month in our Poshophiliacs team Facebook group. There’s always a mix of no PV neccessary giveaways and giveaways for those who are actively working their Perfectly Posh businesses. Prizes have included limited edition items, sample bundles, fun sales tools, full size Perfectly Posh products, and even mega bundles worth $75 that include FIZI bath bombs! (In fact, if you join our Perfectly Posh team this month and you sponsor three new team members by the end of November, you’ll earn a $75 bundle for yourself!)

Please ask us anything! Entrepreneurs and kitnappers welcome! Sell Perfectly Posh to your people for holiday gifting, or enjoy your personal discount this holiday season. Either way, team Poshophiliacs would LOVE to have you join us!

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Andrea Lipomi is a Silver Premier with Perfectly Posh who really loves free stuff. 

Why Posh?

Perfectly Posh. You love it, want to be it, love to share it – but why?

Posh first appeared on my radar thanks to my favorite massage business podcast, and it sounded like a fun way to potentially diversify my income. I’m a part-time massage therapist and a full-time student, so I thought if all went well, maybe Posh could help pay off some student loans! It sounded good in theory, but I had to mull it over.

The second time I heard Posh mentioned was when Andrea was featured on an episode of that same podcast. She seemed to really believe in Posh and it sounded like it was working well in her businesses. I reached out, and after chatting for a bit, she offered to send me some samples.

A few days later, a big, pink envelope magically appeared! I opened it, and holy heavenly smells. Soaps, lotions, and face masks galore, all naturally-based, cruelty-free, made in the States, and even some vegan products. 

The quality of the products – the look, the feel, the smell, the application – is satiating. You want to sink your teeth in it. Posh uses essential oils and ditches fillers (no parabens, phthalates, tallow, etc.). Their ingredients list is available online so you can select and use products with confidence. I appreciated the transparency and started to see Posh as a product line I could really trust.

I used a few products, and tried a few more. The difference in my skin was almost immediate – it looked brighter, clearer and felt smoother. I felt better. I don’t always have a ton of time for myself, but I can take 5-10 minutes for a face mask and feel refreshed. And special. 

I fell in love, and every day since has been magical. 

That was when I realized Posh could be much more than a smart business move. Posh was something I could do just for me that is fun, indulges my creativity, AND makes me feel special. And makes my skin look amazing. And can make me money. Plus, I have full authority to build my business how I see fit. How rejuvenating!

A few days and a few conversations later, I joined Andrea’s team!

Posh is like my best-kept secret, except I like to tell everyone about it. My boyfriend started to use the products and now calls himself a Posh-man! And guess what? His skin looks amazing, too.

Who says feeling special can only happen sparingly? If no one has told you this today, or ever, you deserve your own love and affection. You deserve to feel pretty, special and pampered, and Posh makes all of that easy to do.

You can make your relationship with Posh as big or little as you want. Try some products! Or, take the plunge and join my team! Join for the kit and the sweet discount, join to make some extra money sharing products you love with others, or join to become a Posh-empress (or emperor!). You can do it all. You deserve it all. The world is yours. That’s the power of Posh. 


The Lazy Perfectly Posh Consultant

Can you sign up for a Perfectly Posh account and put absolutely zero effort in after that point?

  • Sure. You can, and many do, and that’s fine! We still want you on our team! Enjoy the great deal you got on your awesome kit and if you want to order more stuff in the future, enjoy your discount!

Can you put in some casual effort and make sales?

  • Yes! Give Posh as gifts and put your contact info and website on each item. You have to give gifts throughout the year anyway!
  • Put a delicious-smelling Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme on your desk at work and use it throughout the day. Invite your coworkers to use it. Make sure they know you sell it. Keep a Posh catalog in plain sight too.
  • Hand out samples with your info on them to people you see during your daily activities. An easy, zero-pressure way to share them might sound like “Posh just sent me a box of samples! Here, have some!”
  • Post photos and videos of yourself using fun Posh products on your regular old social media accounts. You’re going to post that selfie anyway!

Can I put in part-time or full-time effort if I want to?

  • Absolutely! I put in solid part-time hours every week working my Posh business. I spend a few hours per week maintaining my own business and taking care of my own customers, a few hours per week chatting with and coaching my team (of over 200 consultants — Facebook is infinitely helpful with these activities), and a few hours per week looking at numbers, educating myself, and planning for the future of my Posh business.

You can choose how active you want to be with Posh. There are no monthly minimum sale requirements and your website is free, so get your soap and hand creme on and see what you think!


Andrea Lipomi is a massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech living in Las Vegas, NV. She’s also a Silver Premier with Perfectly Posh (which is three levels down from the top, because who would know that?) Check out her site and drop her a line here.



Perfectly Posh Add Ons for Massage Therapists

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for twelve years, so I’ve had my hands on a whole lot of products. We’re talking bulk oils (55 gallon drums anyone?), cremes (5 gallon pails that went rancid before they could be used up), and scrubs (you mean they’re not supposed to dehydrate back into sharp-edged sugar daggers?). Products that took up a lot of room, couldn’t be retailed, and left little flexibility if I had a client who was allergic to or didn’t care for a particular scent or formula.

Enter Perfectly Posh: 9 oz. body scrubs, 2 oz. masks (in sanitary tubes — no double dipping!), 4 oz. facial moisturizers, 6 oz. body cremes (again, in tubes), and 3 oz. hand cremes. This list just cratches the surface of Posh’s entire line, but it’s a great place to start when we’re talking massage add ons.

My treament room has a sink in it, but not a shower. I make sure my clients don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to any ingredients prior to starting a service, and I’m always willing to customize a service to reach my clients’ specific goals. Here are some ideas I’ve used with a high degree of success:

Foot Treatment

Soak feet in a tub of warm water. Add a Perfectly Posh Fizi Bath Bomb or a partial scoop of All Mixd Up Bath Salts. Scrub legs and feet with a Posh body scrub that compliments the scent of the bath bomb or salts (I like Love The Dark for perfumey combos and Espresso Yo’Self for yummy dessert combos). After 10 – 15 minutes, remove you client’s feet from the tub and dry them off. Have them get on the massage table for the remainder of their massage, and when you get to their legs and feet use a Posh body creme on both (I like Honey Honey and Hippie Hooray for leg and foot massage), or use Toes Before Bros Foot Mask on their feet, and perform an extended foot massage. Remove excess product with steamed towels.

Back Treatment

After massaging your client’s back, remove excess oil with a gentle cleanser (Posh’s That’s So Cuke Foaming Face Wash is my top pick) and steamed towels. Apply The Stripper Body Mud to your client’s back and cover with a steamed towel, then insulate with at least two layers of dry towels to keep your client warm. Leave on for 10 – 15 minutes and remove with steamed towels. Apply a Posh body creme (Hippie Hooray compliments The Stripper’s fragrance really well) and massage it into your client’s skin.

Facial Treatment

Cleanse your client’s skin using a gentle cleanser like Posh’s That’s So Cuke Foaming Face Wash and remove with a steamed towel. Gently massage Apricots Overnight into your client’s skin using upward strokes. Allow mask to absorb for a total of twenty minutes (you can perform a scalp or neck massage during this time as well.) Remove mask with steamed towels and apply a Perfectly Posh facial moisturizer of your choice (I like Night & Day or Dawn On Me Daytime Facial Oil.)

Thanks to Posh, I have fun creating  spa services and packages again! It’s also nice to have a full line of cruelty-free, naturally-based, American-made spa products at my disposal. If my clients want to use some at home they can purchase what I have in stock, or they can place an order on my (free!) personalized website 24/7/365. (This is especially handy for my out of town clients — they can order before they fly home and have their Posh waiting for them when they arrive.)

If you’re a massage therapist who could use some adventurous spa products that won’t break the bank and will give you limitless add on and retail possibilities, check out what Perfectly Posh has to offer. Of course I’m always here to answer absolutely any questions you have about Posh or spa add ons in general. Pamper on, massage therapists!


Andrea Lipomi is a massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech living in Las Vegas, NV. She loves her Poshophiliacs! Learn more about the #poshgoth here.



Perfectly Posh 2017 UNCON Convention Recap

I attended my first UNCON (Unconventional) earlier this month in Sandy, Utah and it exceeded my expectations by a landslide!

I had attended Posh Regional Meetings (PRMs) in the past with mixed feelings. Although it was cool to meet other Posh consultants,  I never walked away with nuggets of information or inspiration that I could immediately apply to my Posh biz. These usually cost $19, and you might leave with a few samples. Nowadays if your regional meeting reaches a certain number of attendees, the Posh home office (HO) will send an employee out to talk with the group — which is nice for people who can’t make it to the bigger events — but I craved more.

I had also attended a few Day Aways, which were semi-annual mini-conventions. These were better than regional meetings. They cost $39 but you walked out with at least $75 worth of full size products and samples. The HO staff basically toured around the country and stopped in several cities, so you got to listen to a large portion of the most knowledgable HO staff members talking about the company. At Day Aways I found the leadership sessions to be the most interesting, as they gave more specific information to Premiers and higher to help us with our businesses — and they fed us dinner.

While Day Aways were going on, semi-annual Posh Night events took place where they’d reveal our brand new catalog and exciting new products to a live audience in a major city. I wasn’t able to make it to Posh Night in the past, so watching the big reveal at UNCON this month was amazing.

UNCON consisted of breakout sessions that served to inform and inspire, and for the most part, they succeeded! My favorite outside speakers were Jia Jiang (Rejection Proof) and Sarah Robbins (who makes over $1,000,000 annually with Rodan + Fields). They shared simple, effective ideas for breaking out of a slump (whether you realize you’re in one or not), and they’ve done massive things in life.

Of course we were given multiple swag bags including full size products, and they fed us at the closing shindig. We were at UNCON for two full days, from 8am – 11pm both days. There was a Portal Store where you could buy samples, apparel, etc., but the line was long and the samples were sold out by the time we got in there. (If this is important to you you should hurry to the Portal Store doors and park your behind there so you can rush in and grab all the samples before they’re gone. We didn’t care all that much.)

Next year’s UNCON will be in Nashville in July 2018. I’m really looking forward to going! Here are some videos from UNCON (some useful, some ridiculous). Enjoy!