Queen Routine

Today I want to talk about something very near and dear to my heart: Sleep.

Getting out of bed is hard, guys. It really is. Especially when you’ve been stretched to the ends of the earth for days or weeks on end, and your body is just, almost literally, dying for some relief. Some relaxation. A break. Exhibit A: Me last week.

Well, let me tell you something. This morning I awoke blissfully undisturbed by the muffled alarms beneath my pillow. I silenced each and every one (because I need help), stretched my arms wide and tall, and literally floated out of bed. Well, pretty literally. I felt rested, relaxed and just… at ease.

So, how is this possible? BECAUSE – I made time for myself to relax, unwind, and do NOTHING except care for myself last night before I went to sleep. Thus, I have emerged from my worn-out state as queen-ruler of my universe. I feel so good that I wanted to share my luxurious home self-treatment with you guys.

Without further adieu, here she is:

Time: 30-60 min

  1. Cue the music: I threw on “Evening Acoustic” on Spotify and let the voices of Iron & Wine and Joseph serenade me while I warmed up the shower.
  2. Rub a dub, baby: I took my time washing my hair, making sure to massage every bit of my scalp – sooo good, you guys. So good.
  3. Hop out, fill the tub up: While I filled the tub with hot water, my vibrant red Overtone conditioner sat & worked its magic on my hair (if you have colored hair, you NEED Overtone in your life – just sayin’. It has this wonderful peppermint smell that stimulates your scalp while depositing hues that extend the life of your hair color!).
  4. Add a cup or two of epsom salt: PP has some awesome epsom salt formulas (Muscle Through and Sleepy Sleep are my favorites!) I used Muscle Through this time because I feelin’ the rosemary – Sleepy Sleep is infused with lavender, which is just lovely and calming. I became one with my bath for about 20 minutes – but really, that’s just an estimate because I felt timeless in that tub.
  5. Wash up: After soaking, I washed up with my Milkin’ It chunk, and exfoliated my fresh and clean skin with my favorite Snarky, Fauxpology. I just adore its smell – So much so that I got the perfume crayon in its scent!!!
  6. Face time: My face needed a little loving, so I exfoliated with BFF, patted dry, and followed up with my go-to mask, Cackle Spackle. I love using these two together – my face felt SO smooth, and the little red patches around my nose really calmed down. I washed up, then did the thing with Moisturize 911.
  7. Finishing touches: I lathered up neck-to-toe with Hard Daze Night, which is a yummy, fragrant, hemp-scented body butter.
  8. Time to get comfy (comfy): This is the best part. Grab your PJs & get COMFY! Your restful, well-deserved night of sleep awaits. Your favorite body butter will soak into your skin throughout the night, so you’ll wake up with soft, supple skin all over.

And there you have it! Like magic, you’ll awaken rejuvenated with a brand new mission.

This little routine is for all you queens, kings and mystical beauties reading. I really went in, so feel free to modify time or steps to your liking!

It really feels like an at-home spa treatment, guys. If I had planned it a little better, I would have added a pedicure… next time 😉

Gotta have your Posh? Grab it here!

Have another idea of at-home decadence? Leave your king/queen/mystical routine in the comments below!



The Gateway

I love sending samples to people. No, really. I love to get people addicted to Posh because I really believe in the product.

Just call me your neighborhood Posh dealer.

But, when it comes to sending samples, there’s usually a rhyme to my reason: Enter the “crack pack.”

The “crack pack” includes the things I find the most addictive. I would say most people agree, because people usually end up ordering at least one of the products. Posh has a million (and one!) great things, but these are the ones that I find the hardest to resist.

The “crack pack” includes:
1. BFF- because of course it does. This is the product that turned me from someone who barely heard of Perfectly Posh to someone who needed to be a consultant and own it ALL. There’s a reason it’s Posh’s top seller. There’s a reason my boo steals it and gets angry when we run out. It’s because it’s AWESOME.

A face cleanser with tiny exfoliating beads and peppermint oil? Sign me up (OK, OK, I *did* sign up) You wash your face with this once and you will feel so clean. You will feel ALIVE.

2. Moisturize 911. After you wash your face with that glorious peppermint cleanser, you need to add a little moisturizer, right? (That’s a rhetorical question. OF COURSE you need a moisturizer after you wash). Moisturize 911 features orange essential oil and caffeine, which brightens you right up. Sometimes, when I feel super lazy and I’m going out in public without makeup, I just add some Moisturize 911 so I don’t look completely scary.

As one customer said to me: “Do they make that in gallon drums? I need to bathe in it.

3. All I’ve Avo Wanted. Lots of Posh masks are awesome. Until a week ago, I would’ve said a completely different one. But I tried All I’ve Avo Wanted for masking Sunday and WHOA. I’m in ❤ ❤ ❤

I don’t have dry skin. I have oily skin. And I still fell in love with this mask. My face felt so soft after I used it. I went and rubbed my face on my boo and the children. If you have dry skin, this will feel like a huge drink of water. It’s also really gentle. Great for those with sensitive skin or those who react badly to everything. It’s my new crush.

4. Indigo Girl body butter. Really, any body butter. They are all indulgent. But something about that Indigo Girl. First, it’s WHIPPED. Second, it smells like blueberry pancakes. Say no more. After my bath where I’ve washed, masked and exfoliated (thank you, Snarky bar!) I love to pick out a body butter and put it on. The scent is heavenly and the butter is THICK. Think that Noxzema cream we all used to use. Then I crawl under my sheets and I feel so relaxed. Perfect cap to a long week.

5. Any Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème. No sample pack is complete without some of this. Talk about a gateway. There are scents for every taste and it will turn even the driest hands into silky smooth appendages dangling from your arms. Best part — it’s not greasy! Go on, put some on and open every doorknob you see! Plus the smell isn’t overwhelming, but just strong enough to where when you put some on, someone will inevitably say “What’s that smell? It smells delicious.”

Then there was that one time a co-worker said it reeked of onions, and I got super scared that was me. So I kept smelling my hands and…I could smell onions, too! WTF? Oh, wait, guy eating onion sandwich from Subway. NEVER MIND. My hands smell great!

Want your own crack pack? Warning. Get one and you will be an addict, hoarding all the Posh, offering it to others to get them addicted, maybe even becoming a consultant so you can deal to your friends. If you’re willing to take that chance (and really, you SHOULD, because in this hectic stressful world, we all deserve me time) shoot me an email at melissasullivan22@gmail.com and I’ll get one out to you. *Contents may vary based on what I have, but you’ll get a hand crème, mask, body butter, face cleanser and moisturizer.


Perfectly Posh Bath Time Reviews: The Bath Cave

When I was considering opening an account with Posh back in 2015, they had just released that year’s Spooky Posh lineup. Cackle Spackle mask caught my eye with its skull theme and charcoaly goodness…I thought, “this is the skin care line I’ve been looking for my entire life!”

Time warp to Spring/Summer catalog release 2017: FULL MOON CHUNK SOAP. LOVE THE DARK BODY SCRUB. INDIGO GIRL BODY BUTTER. My ’90s goth grrl spa junkie dreams had become reality. I lit the candles and drew the bath, and decided a delightfully dark bath time video was in order. Enjoy!



Andrea Lipomi has been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant since September 2015. (She’s also a proud Silver Premier and should probably say that more.) She’s a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit her Posh site at https://poshgoth.po.sh, follow her on Instagram at @feetishspa, and ask her anything at feetishspa@gmail.com.

Getting Snarky

Before I ever even tried one, I was drawn to the Snarky Bar. I mean, come on, it’s called a SNARKY. I’ve been called that since high school.

The problem  is, a lot of people don’t know what they are. I had a bunch for sale at a vendor event once and sold…zero. But once people try them, hold the phone. They become addicts. Check out this text from a friend I gave one to for Christmas.


That’s right. I’m your neighborhood Snarky crack dealer.

What’s so special about it? Well, it smells good because Posh. But it will exfoliate you like there’s no tomorrow. And it doesn’t do it with those polyurethane beads that, while fun, wreak havoc on the environment. Nope, they do it the natural way — with oatmeal, with raspberry seeds, with sugar beads. Another plus — they won’t dry you out and the will make your shave the best shave of your life.

Another plus? Some have flowers in them. This one is new for the spring catalog. LOOK.


So, funny story about my friend who sent that text. Her boyfriend started stealing her Snarky bar, so she bought him his own. She came home from work one night and he had a friend over for beers. Her boyfriend GOT HIS SNARKY OUT OF THE SHOWER and told his friend how much he loved it.

“Bro, this makes my skin feel so soft.”

I mean, seriously, EVERYONE loves a good Snarky bar.

Ready to get your Snarky scrub on? There are a lot on sale right now. Check ’em out:




Don’t say I didn’t warn you though. Those things are addictive.

Melissa Sullivan is an expert in long baths, pop culture and will probably defeat you in Trivial Pursuit. She’s been a Perfectly Posh consultant since August. Visit her site at https://msullivan.po.sh

Shaving with a Perfectly Posh Snarky Bar

This morning I used a Dark Side Snarky Bar to shave my overgrown legs. Enjoy!



Andrea Lipomi has been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant since September 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit her Posh site at https://poshgoth.po.sh, follow her on Instagram at @feetishspa, and ask her anything at feetishspa@gmail.com.

Get the week off of me! EWWW

If you’re like most people, the week can take its toll.

Between children, chores, commuting, work, whatever’s going on in the world and standing in a ridiculously long line at the grocery store because someone is wanting to do a price match on 36 items in her cart, by the time it’s Sunday night, you just want to hide. And even better, you’re about to start it allllll over again.

So, on Sunday nights, I have this thing that I do. Here it is:


Yes. Take a bath. I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting clean isn’t a once-a-week thing or anything. But it’s usually a shower that’s all business.

The Sunday night bath is all about some me time, washing the week off and mentally preparing for the next one. It’s something that doesn’t take a long time, but can bring a priceless peace.

First thing when I jump in the bath is get out my best friend:


Yeah, I know it’s blurry. I was trying to take a picture without dropping the phone into the water and actually adding to my stress.

So Best Face Forever is my jam. It’s what got me addicted to Posh. It’s what got me to become a consultant because I wanted every single one of my friends to know of its magic. It’s the product that, if we’re out, my significant other is all ‘Heyyyyy! We need more.” It’s got grapefruit. It’s got peppermint. It’s got sugar beads to exfoliate. It will clean your face right up and make you feel ALLLIIIIIIVE. ALLLLIIIIIIVE.

Next up is the Ritual. Ritual for the ritual, huh? hahaha. Anyway. The Ritual is a consultant-only mask you only get when you sign up. Seriously, I wish I could sign up a million times just to have a million of them. It’s a deep-cleaning clay mask. I was gonna take a picture of myself all masking it up, but figured I’d spare everyone.

Pink. CREAMY. Kinda smells like cherries. Now it comes in a tube, but way back three months ago, it came in a tub.

While my face is getting all clean, I gotta get the body clean. Enter the PJs All Day body scrub. It’s thick and sugary and smells like vanilla and lavender. It even has real lavender in it! It as an exclusive a few months ago, so you can’t get it on the site anymore, but GUESS WHAT. I have more, so if you ever found yourself needing one, and seriously, you should, contact me, and I’ll make it happen. Look how fun it is:


Next I rinse my Ritual mask off. I didn’t take a picture of that or anything, but trust me, I rinse it off. But, I don’t want my face to feel all dry and gross, right. What to do? Call 911!


Not literally. Moisturize 911. It’s light and has some caffeine to tighten that saggy skin and brightens you up with vitamin C. Sometimes, if it’s the weekend and I feel lazy, but I still have to go out in public for something, I just put some Moisturize 911 on my face so I don’t look like a total zombie.

Once I get out and dry myself off, it’s the real treat. Violet Femme. It’s a whipped body butter that smells like blueberry waffles. I know, right? It was something you could only get when you signed up in October, so you can’t buy one, but all the Perfectly Posh body butters are awesome.

Look how thick that stuff is? That’s my finger practically upside down and it’s not sliding off. Other perk, a little goes a long way. I like to sing “American Music” while I’m putting it on. “I want you to hold me! I want your arms around me!” No Idea what I’m talking about? Guess you weren’t a disaffected teen in the early ’90s.

So that’s pretty much how it goes. I crawl in bed all soft and smelling good. I get the week filled with stupid things like the woman who brought her dog into Big Lots and played like she was blind because they only allow service animals (THIS REALLY HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK) away from me and gear up for whatever bizarre deck of cards is incoming for the next week. It’s a little thing, but it’s something I look forward to every week.

Melissa Sullivan has been a Perfectly Posh consultant since August 2016. She enjoys finding weird things on Wikipedia, regaling her younger co-workers with stories of concerts she went to in her youth and making up songs for her dogs. Find her Posh site at https://msullivan.po.sh

Bathing in the New Year (Perfectly Posh Style)


Bubbles, hydration, and good scents! Perfectly Posh All Mixd Up Bath Salts.

I woke up this morning ready to usher 2017 in with a bath of legendary proportions. After a rambunctious 2016, I deserved ALL the scents and fizzies: Three varieties of Perfectly Posh’s All Mixd Up Bath Salts, Hex Appeal Chunk Soap from the Spooky Posh collection, Love The Dark Body Scrub (with a healthy dose of charcoal powder to draw the 2016 out through my epidermis) and the retired PJ’s All Day Body Butter (one of Posh’s greatest inventions).

The rest of this story can be told in pictures. Happy New Year, all!


I added a portion of all three packets of bath salts to the tub. 2017: Go big or go home!


Hex Appeal Chunk Soap, one of the Spooky Posh highlights from 2016.

And then this, because a new year calls for new experiences!


The final step! Perfectly Posh PJs All Day Body Butter, because it smells like lavender and vanilla and I am literally wearing my PJs all day.


Andrea Lipomi has been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant since September 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit her Posh site at https://poshgoth.po.sh, follow her on Instagram at @feetishspa, and ask her anything at feetishspa@gmail.com.