Quench Your Skin With Coconut Oil

I waited entirely too long to try coconut oil as a moisturizer for my body. TOO LONG. It’s officially a staple in my home! Perfectly Posh makes deliciously lightly scented coconut oil perfect for every inch of skin. I love it. Did I mention that? 😉

Although Absolute Passionfruit coconut oil happens to be my current favorite, it presents me with a bit of a challenge. The air conditioning in my house solidifies it. It won’t pour out! Imagine my frustration as a newbie CO user when I stepped out of the shower and couldn’t use it! I put my brains to use…


Tip (1)

Put the bottle in the shower or bath with you! The hot water melts the solid oil enough to pour out the lid. Boom. Challenge solved.

What is your favorite coconut oil use?


Tracy Bradley is a licensed massage therapist and Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant in rural Arkansas. Purchase this amazing coconut oil here!

Bare it All for Posh

Even though my picture says “Face Off,” I’m writing about Perfectly Posh product “Bare it All.” When I first received the facial cleanser in August, it was an exclusive bonus item used as a reward. It must have gotten rave reviews because it’s now in the new catalog with a new name!

Bare it All is a 3 in 1 cleanser/moisturizer from Perfectly Posh. You know the “Rule of Life” ALWAYS wash your face before bed? Yeah, well, I do not do that well. When I’m tired enough for bed I do NOT want to splash water on my face and suds up with pepperminty Complexion Perfection. I want to go to bed! However, I don’t want a gunky face with zits. So. Bare it All/Face Off for the win.
I don’t even keep it in my bathroom! It stays next to my bed with a little package of cotton pads. Three splashes on the cotton, wipe, wipe, wipe the right side. Three splashes on the cotton, wipe, wipe, wipe the left. If I have “night out” make-up I use a third one for my eyes. The lazy way to clean my face is my favorite way.
What is it? Magic in a bottle.

Not exactly, but kind of! Bare it All is a 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer. Reishi mushroom extract helps promote cell renewal while saw palmetto, chamomile, and calendula deep clean, so you can take it all off. Lavender oil helps soothe skin. Gentle enough for daily use. And daily use is minimal. My bottle is more than half full and I’ve had it open since August. (It is currently March.)

$20 to streamline your nightly face routine directly into your bed is a $20 well spent. Plus, It will likely last you half a year or more. Value.  (half clean pic)

Tracy Bradley is a licensed massage therapist in rural Arkansas. She has been in the Posh family since July 2016. You may shop her Posh site and get shipped directly to YOU! She has a fun Facebook group, here, ask to join!

My Posh Face Wash is Back!

Do you believe in love at first sight? How about love at first wash? For thirtymumble years my skincare routine was drugstore cheap and non-specific. Six months ago my good friend, Andrea, sent a spa package for me to pamper myself. Wrapped inside a pretty pink package was a sample pack of Complexion Perfection exfoliating face wash. I was more excited about the body butter and hand lotion!

And then my skincare world changed forever.


I opened the sample in a steamy shower. Peppermint essential oil opened my nasal passages with a surprise. Gently massaging the cleanser into my skin, I relished the gentle scrubby of something. The gel/liquid/goo holding it all together felt like gelatin. Peppermint gelatin on my face! Washing my face with Complexion Perfection was like a tiny spa experience in own shower. Working as a massage therapist I try to appeal to all the senses of my clients to enhance relaxation. This cleanser gets an A+.

So what make it so great? Peppermint essential oil and walnut shell powder. Who knew? Complexion Perfection is sulfate-free, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. It’s fun to say. It smells fantastic. It feels luxurious. A pea-sized amount is all that’s needed.

Perfectly Posh broke my heart when they retired this magical face juice. Woe was me…

Until last week!

Just like The Rolling Stones and Garth Brooks, Complexion Perfection couldn’t be satisfied in retirement. Scheduled to tour America’s mailbox starting February 3, 2017, when the new catalog launches. Lucky me, I scored one in a surprise flash sale. Put it in your calendar. Get in your shower and on your face!

Tracy Bradley is a licensed massage therapist in rural Arkansas where she fights headaches with her bare hands. Visit her Perfectly Posh site at poshbradleygirl.po.sh
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Share Makes Me Want to Share!

I have never tried coconut oil before this week, even though it’s extremely popular and beneficial.  (Gasp! I know! It cures everything, ha!)  I  have been a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant for about 6 months. Over time my daily personal care products have changed from drug store brands to Posh. And yet, never coconut oil. Until now!

My sweet Mama purchased my sister and me “Sunny” and “Share” Coconut Oils, respectively. I could smell it through the package! “Share” has a light, clean sugary citrus scent. The smell is clean, light, and fresh, not overpowering at all. But it’s oil. As a massage therapist I have a love/hate relationship with oil. Fourteen years ago in massage school we slathered olive oil onto each other practicing our technique. Let’s just say when I graduated I vowed never to touch oil to bodies again! Goopy, gunky, thick, smelly, and it stayed on top of the skin. “Basted turkey” is a term often used to describe a massage with too much oil. Forgive me, Mama, for being skeptical of your Christmas gift 🙂


Skin Joy Share Coconut Oil

While trying to stick my oil-snobby nose in the air, I opened Share after my shower yesterday. I couldn’t keep my nose up because the coconut oil smelled fabulous! Uh, oh. The package is slick. Well, it IS oil, slick packaging should be expected. I started with a face application. Oh, yeah, you can put it on your face! One dab covered half my face! Sweet! One more dab covered the rest. I massaged the oil gently into the skin on my face feeling it absorb slowly, but surely. The oil did NOT stay shiny on my face.

Next, I slathered Share all over my body. I did not need to use much product to get full coverage. In fact, my tub looks untouched but I covered my whole body with it. The oil is chunky, yet, slick, then body heat melts into a silky oil. It stays on the skin long enough to massage a little bit, then absorbs nicely. No basted turkey gross feeling. I was definitely surprised by that. I will ask my husband to use Share the next time he massages my back!

Thank you, Mama, for the thoughtful gift and the life lesson. Don’t be a snob. Share what you love 🙂

Tracy Bradley is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arkansas who fights headaches with her bare hands. Tracy’s Posh site can be found at http://poshbradleygirl.po.sh  Find Tracy’s VIP Group on Facebook here for product chat, games, samples, and more!