Staying Home with Posh

Where are my stay at home moms?! Don’t raise your hands, I’m sure they are full of children and toys and grocery lists and things that need to be cleaned. Just pause for a moment to learn how Posh has changed my SAHM life. The thing that is hard to explain about staying home full time is the way you crave the perks of working out of the home: adult interaction, solo lunches where you don’t have to cut up someone else’s food, using your brain beyond dreaming up make believe scenarios to play, etc. I craved all that and more, but didn’t at all want to stop staying home with my children! It’s just what works for our family and I truly am happy to do it. But…..those cravings remained. Then came Posh!

Being a Posh consultant has introduced this amazing new element of work to my life. It’s work that is fun! Work that’s not required! Work that I do purely because I WANT TO. I get to help people find their perfect pampering. I get to remind people that they are worthy of a treat. I get to hear how good they feel when they take a moment for themselves. I LOVE IT.

The big bonus: I do all of this on my own schedule, while home with my kids! I sneak it in while they finish meals (how can it take a kid an entire hour to eat a PB&J?! I have no idea, but it does). Or while they (hallelujah) play peacefully together without my assistance. Or during the miraculous times of day known as ‘naptime’ and ‘bedtime’ when the demands for my attention and physical presence cease and peace descends upon the land. Aaaaaah. I love using little bits of these moments to work my business. It feels good to take back some of my free time for ME!


Some ‘me time’ interrupted because nature calls! I enjoyed my relaxing volcanic ash face scrub in spite of the….interruption.

Plus, (and just as importantly) Posh provides me with this amazing group of women who are there to laugh with me, wish me well on rough days, celebrate my successes, etc. Posh has helped me reconnect with friends and strengthen my support system. So, I get to fulfill that ‘using my brain’ need while I work my business, and the ‘adult interaction’ need as I connect with teammates and customers every day.

I am so glad I took a chance on ME and gave this Posh business a try! I’m still a stay at home mom, but now I’m a pampered one with a business to boot!

Sandy is a stay at home mom, a trained pastry chef, and a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant. You can visit her Posh site at, follow her on Instagram at @soposhsandy, or join her loyal VIP legion on facebook.