Pampering my Face with Posh

1f3f0ae5-5120-4a71-ad6e-cd8346052865Anyone who knows me knows I will NOT be seen without makeup!  Now here I am posting a picture of me, no makeup, hair pulled back to let you in on my secret…POSH!!  My morning routine starts with Complexion Perfection followed by Moisturize 911!  The great thing about Complexion Perfection…it will wake you up!  The peppermint oil greets your sleepy senses and wakes up sleepy skin!!  Follow up with a little Moisturize 911 and my skin is ready for makeup and the day!  At night  after a long day in makeup, my face comes clean with Pore-fect followed by Never Grow Up face serum and face cream!  My skin has changed, it feels so much healthier and I find that I have to use less makeup!  The redness isn’t completely gone but it is decreasing! I wish I had found Posh sooner!  But 54 isn’t looking too bad! Want to try these products for yourself and see your own results? Go to and discover a set of products to fit your skin!