Adding a Gift Shop to Your Massage Practice



Welcome to my massage therapy studio!

This picture was taken a few minutes ago in the lobby of the Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center. I carry a variety of items including local goats milk lotions, local artist made greeting cards, and hand-knit items, but my favorite items to stock are from Perfectly Posh. American made. Clever packaging. Legit ingredients. Priced right. Everything is under $25.

Good For Business

Having a gift shop is a great way to increase your average transaction in your massage practice. Make more money per hour without raising your rates! Are you offering spa upgrades? Clients can purchase face masks, body butters, or foot scrubs that could be used in their service that day for instant upgrades. The remainder of the product gets sent home with them (labeled with your contact info) and serves as an extension of their service and also an advertisement to book with you again.

Clients often are on the look out for spa products they can use for gifting occasions. The days leading up to Valentines Day and Christmas are prime time for people coming to you for gift cards to also purchase a gift basket of your favorite spa products. And birthdays, baby showers, and promotions happen year round. A gift card for a massage nuzzled into a basket of bath bombs? Who wouldn’t want that?

What Makes This Different From Selling Wholesale?

You know my favorite thing about stocking a direct sales product in my spa? Not having to report sales tax. I pay sales tax when I order. And I collect sales tax when I sell and I don’t have to report anything to our comptroller. In previous attempts at retail/wholesale I would be habitually late in filling and my late fees would sometimes be double, or triple what I owed in sales and use taxes.  But with Posh? Corporate handles all that for me…. they also train me on product knowledge, give me an eye catching virtual store on a free website (, and give me top notch marketing genius promo graphics I can copy paste that make me look really good.

The other perk of stocking items from a direct sales company instead of a wholesaler is direct sales company incentivize their consultants with free products, bonuses, and even gifts and trips. When I only sold Perfectly Posh online and in booths- I earned a baby car seat, bouncer, walker, high chair, and a bunch of stuff for my kitchen- outside of my regular commissions. Biofreeze never gave me any of that stuff.  Right now I’m racking up points for a trip to the Dominican Republic!

Marketing Powerhouse!

What if you never had to discount your services ever again? What if instead of saying “last minute appointment opening $20 off” you said “last minute appointment opening free charcoal face mask!”. You retain your service value and possibly the client loves the mask and purchases other complimentary products while they are in your lobby!

Having a gift shop also gives you an excuse to send out more eblasts with product reviews, bundles, and testimonials. There’s only so many times I can say “massage is awesome come get one”. But with hundreds of desirable products to talk about your newsletters will never be lacking.


Retailing is fun. I hand stamp little brown bags and change up the tissue paper color to fit the season. I change up my displays because it makes me happy. If you’d like to add a fun little gift shop to your massage practice, I can help! or


Donna Greenlee is the owner and a LMT at the Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center. She’s been a happy Perfectly Posh Consultant since April 2016. And she’s hoping to break $20,000 in personal Posh sales this month!