An Accidental Adventure

To be perfectly honest, a little over a year ago, I never even knew Posh existed.

My adventure began when I was invited to a Posh Facebook party.  I had no idea what the company was, what it had to offer or if it was anything that I would enjoy.  But I absolutely love skin care products so I thought….why not?

Before placing my first order, I did a little research.  I made sure I read the ingredients lists and noted some key things like the products were cruelty-free.  I always buy cruelty-free products.  As an animal shelter volunteer, I find that to be very important.  I also don’t like products filled with junk.  Parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petroleum are not for me.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered more about Posh so I placed my first order.  I would like to say the rest is history but it took nearly the rest of the year for me to decide to take the plunge and become a consultant.

I attended a few more Facebook parties, I hosted my own (which did amazingly well).  And then one day a little light went off in my brain and I thought, hey this looks fun, I could do this.

Besides being an animal shelter volunteer, I am a stay-at-home mom and the PTA secretary. In my former life (ha!) I worked in the skin care industry for The Body Shop.  Going back to work is a thought I have from time to time but it wasn’t #1 on my priority list.  I am content to be a wife, mom, volunteer.  And, retail is no longer for me, EVER.

But, who doesn’t like extra cash? It took me a few days to decide on becoming a consultant.  I mulled it over in my own mind before taking the idea to my husband John and my best friend Lisa.  Both were extremely encouraging and I thought, hey, even if this doesn’t go well for me, I have a bunch of products I would use anyway.

The next step was talking to Andrea, my friend and Posh Premier.  As you can tell, I don’t jump into things very quickly.  With the reassurance of my trusted peeps, I signed up and it has been INCREDIBLE.

I have been a Posh consultant for just a little over two months and it’s been fabulous.  Am I a millionaire yet?  Nope!  But I have earned a little of my own income and met some amazing new people. I have also had a ton of support from not only other Posh consultants but also friends and family.

Truth:  I tried the independent consultant thing through The Body Shop at one time.  After leaving my retail management position, I thought I would be incredible at selling TBS products in an at home atmosphere.  I failed miserably.  Online parties weren’t a thing yet and the support really wasn’t there, at least not the way it is with Posh.  The commission was miserable and the prizes and earnings for hostesses were embarrassing.

I am not here to knock another company.  I was just a little gun shy, even 10 years later, on signing up for another consultant gig.

Things at Posh have been so much different, thank goodness!  Online parties make things so much easier for everyone but having the option to do in-home parties is great too.  The commission is great and as I have already mentioned, the people are fabulous.

My expectations are not to build an empire.  But I would love to grow within the company and push myself to see what I can do.  I would love to empower another woman (or man!) who wants to join the Posh family.  Most importantly I hope to keep having fun on this accidental adventure.

Jennifer Hansen is a stay-at-home mom, animal shelter volunteer, PTA secretary and an Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh.  Check out her website here: