Bare it All for Posh

Even though my picture says “Face Off,” I’m writing about Perfectly Posh product “Bare it All.” When I first received the facial cleanser in August, it was an exclusive bonus item used as a reward. It must have gotten rave reviews because it’s now in the new catalog with a new name!

Bare it All is a 3 in 1 cleanser/moisturizer from Perfectly Posh. You know the “Rule of Life” ALWAYS wash your face before bed? Yeah, well, I do not do that well. When I’m tired enough for bed I do NOT want to splash water on my face and suds up with pepperminty Complexion Perfection. I want to go to bed! However, I don’t want a gunky face with zits. So. Bare it All/Face Off for the win.
I don’t even keep it in my bathroom! It stays next to my bed with a little package of cotton pads. Three splashes on the cotton, wipe, wipe, wipe the right side. Three splashes on the cotton, wipe, wipe, wipe the left. If I have “night out” make-up I use a third one for my eyes. The lazy way to clean my face is my favorite way.
What is it? Magic in a bottle.

Not exactly, but kind of! Bare it All is a 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer. Reishi mushroom extract helps promote cell renewal while saw palmetto, chamomile, and calendula deep clean, so you can take it all off. Lavender oil helps soothe skin. Gentle enough for daily use. And daily use is minimal. My bottle is more than half full and I’ve had it open since August. (It is currently March.)

$20 to streamline your nightly face routine directly into your bed is a $20 well spent. Plus, It will likely last you half a year or more. Value.  (half clean pic)

Tracy Bradley is a licensed massage therapist in rural Arkansas. She has been in the Posh family since July 2016. You may shop her Posh site and get shipped directly to YOU! She has a fun Facebook group, here, ask to join!

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