Samples and how a non-girly girl ended up selling Posh

I am a sucker for Posh samples. I order them by the dozens. It’s just one of the many pieces of Posh that has taken over our house, much to the chagrin of a certain someone. (It’s my husband. OK. That’s who it is.)


That picture up there? That’s not even half.

So I’ve been giving a lot away lately, because I’m trying to make room for the upcoming spring catalog. I put together lots of packages today.

I still have a lot left.

But there’s a reason I think I compulsively collect these things, beyond that I want to try all the products.

It was one little sample that put me on this journey.

A bit of a backstory: I’ve never in my life sold through direct sales. I’ve gone to some parties and made purchases. I’ve been put in a lot of Facebook groups against my will for products I don’t want. I’ve been harassed to just listen in to this phone call or sign on the dotted line.

No thanks.

In fact, when I started selling Posh, some people were like ‘You? You’re not really the selling type.” Yeah, I know.

But it was bigger than that.

See, I moved to a city when I was 24 and I stayed there until I was 37. I got involved in groups, went out all the time, stayed at the same job for 13 years. I had friends out the wazoo. I knew everyone. I had such a support network of awesome women.

Then we moved across the country, which is totally fine because I wanted to move, too. And while there I had…zero friends. I never left the house on the weekends. I’d try to approach others and I just couldn’t connect. I spent all my time with my family, which is OK, because I love them, but sometimes, I just needed to talk with some women. (aside from just FB messaging with some of my old friends).

It was pretty very depressing.

And then we moved again. Across the country, again. Guess what? Didn’t know anyone out here either. And, my kids were older and spent more time hanging out in their rooms than hanging out with me. And the husband worked an opposite schedule as me. I worked and came home. I needed SOMETHING. I needed something to do and I needed to meet people.

Flash forward a year:

A friend had an online Posh party and invited me.

Me: “I have no idea what this is and I’m not even remotely interested.”

The last hour of the week-long party I browsed the site and thought the products were cute and affordable. I placed a small order.

In my thank you card, I received a sample of the BFF face wash.

This thing:


And I. Fell. In. Love.

So I felt like “Everyone I know needs to know about this.” And for the first time, I thought about selling something. But it went deeper than that. I NEEDED something.

So I contacted the woman who hosted the party I was invited to. Told her I was thinking about it. She assured me that if I didn’t want to sell it, it was OK. The kit for $99 was a super deal for all the products you got.

I told myself, “Well, I’ll buy it. I’ll TRY to sell it. If I can’t, I’ll enjoy my products.”

Guess what? I sold it. A LOT of it. I still sell a lot of it. I used every thing I learned from being spammed and the target of pushy pitches and did the opposite.

But more than that, I met a group of super supportive women — including a woman on my team who actually lives in my town. We lift each other up, we support each other, we help  each other. We’re pretty ride or die. You cross one of us, and the others will have your back so fast you’ll find yourself surrounded by a haze of pink and polka dots before you even know what happened.

The woman who hosted that party in August? She’s now my sponsor. She’s the biggest cheerleader I have. And she and I have become pretty good buds who ended up having a lot in common.

I had something to do again. I met new people and had a big network again. And, when I was whipping out my Posh credit card for Christmas presents, it was a pretty good feeling.

And to think. It all started with one little sample.

Want to join my team of women who cheer each other on, but have a few questions? Message me at

Melissa Sullivan is a consumer of words, a fan of pampering and can sit in a bathtub for an amazing amount of time. Her Posh page is




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