Get the week off of me! EWWW

If you’re like most people, the week can take its toll.

Between children, chores, commuting, work, whatever’s going on in the world and standing in a ridiculously long line at the grocery store because someone is wanting to do a price match on 36 items in her cart, by the time it’s Sunday night, you just want to hide. And even better, you’re about to start it allllll over again.

So, on Sunday nights, I have this thing that I do. Here it is:


Yes. Take a bath. I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting clean isn’t a once-a-week thing or anything. But it’s usually a shower that’s all business.

The Sunday night bath is all about some me time, washing the week off and mentally preparing for the next one. It’s something that doesn’t take a long time, but can bring a priceless peace.

First thing when I jump in the bath is get out my best friend:


Yeah, I know it’s blurry. I was trying to take a picture without dropping the phone into the water and actually adding to my stress.

So Best Face Forever is my jam. It’s what got me addicted to Posh. It’s what got me to become a consultant because I wanted every single one of my friends to know of its magic. It’s the product that, if we’re out, my significant other is all ‘Heyyyyy! We need more.” It’s got grapefruit. It’s got peppermint. It’s got sugar beads to exfoliate. It will clean your face right up and make you feel ALLLIIIIIIVE. ALLLLIIIIIIVE.

Next up is the Ritual. Ritual for the ritual, huh? hahaha. Anyway. The Ritual is a consultant-only mask you only get when you sign up. Seriously, I wish I could sign up a million times just to have a million of them. It’s a deep-cleaning clay mask. I was gonna take a picture of myself all masking it up, but figured I’d spare everyone.

Pink. CREAMY. Kinda smells like cherries. Now it comes in a tube, but way back three months ago, it came in a tub.

While my face is getting all clean, I gotta get the body clean. Enter the PJs All Day body scrub. It’s thick and sugary and smells like vanilla and lavender. It even has real lavender in it! It as an exclusive a few months ago, so you can’t get it on the site anymore, but GUESS WHAT. I have more, so if you ever found yourself needing one, and seriously, you should, contact me, and I’ll make it happen. Look how fun it is:


Next I rinse my Ritual mask off. I didn’t take a picture of that or anything, but trust me, I rinse it off. But, I don’t want my face to feel all dry and gross, right. What to do? Call 911!


Not literally. Moisturize 911. It’s light and has some caffeine to tighten that saggy skin and brightens you up with vitamin C. Sometimes, if it’s the weekend and I feel lazy, but I still have to go out in public for something, I just put some Moisturize 911 on my face so I don’t look like a total zombie.

Once I get out and dry myself off, it’s the real treat. Violet Femme. It’s a whipped body butter that smells like blueberry waffles. I know, right? It was something you could only get when you signed up in October, so you can’t buy one, but all the Perfectly Posh body butters are awesome.

Look how thick that stuff is? That’s my finger practically upside down and it’s not sliding off. Other perk, a little goes a long way. I like to sing “American Music” while I’m putting it on. “I want you to hold me! I want your arms around me!” No Idea what I’m talking about? Guess you weren’t a disaffected teen in the early ’90s.

So that’s pretty much how it goes. I crawl in bed all soft and smelling good. I get the week filled with stupid things like the woman who brought her dog into Big Lots and played like she was blind because they only allow service animals (THIS REALLY HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK) away from me and gear up for whatever bizarre deck of cards is incoming for the next week. It’s a little thing, but it’s something I look forward to every week.

Melissa Sullivan has been a Perfectly Posh consultant since August 2016. She enjoys finding weird things on Wikipedia, regaling her younger co-workers with stories of concerts she went to in her youth and making up songs for her dogs. Find her Posh site at

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