A boy, a straw and a Perfectly Posh Healer stick

Nothing’s more fun-filled than dining out with children.

Lest you think I mean toddlers or infants, I mean one tween and a teenager.

Usually, we ban them from sitting next to each other, but somehow there they were. Right next to each other in a booth and antagonizing each other with glee.

And that’s how my 11-year-old son ended up head butting a straw.

I know it makes zero sense. It almost sounds like it’s impossible. But when his 14-year-old sister said something groan worthy, he tried to exaggeratedly hang his head — and smacked it right onto the opening of the straw. It made a beautiful and perfect round hole right in this middle of his forehead. Eventually it even scabbed over.

What’s more awesome? School pictures were in three days.

Seriously, I wish I had taken a photo of that gorgeous red outline of a circle. It looked like a chicken pox scar gone crazy.

Did I mention he’s 11? He won’t even let me take his picture on a normal day, much less on a day when he looked like he had a giant target right in the middle of his head.

His sister was delirious with laughter. I was just shaking my head in disbelief. His father was showing major concern about the forthcoming picture.

Enter the Healer stick.

“Do NOT panic,” I said. “I have a Healer stick at home.”

What exactly is the Healer stick, you may be asking?

It’s a nourishing stick with shea butter, essential orange oil and just a hint of vanilla. It smells so much like a Creamsicle, you may want to take a bite out of it.

Don’t. It doesn’t taste like one. Not saying how I know.

But what you SHOULD do is use it on skin that needs, well, healing. It’ll care for that dry skin, damaged skin, eczema-laden skin. It’ll also take care of irritations, burns and abrasions. Hence, why I needed it for my child’s head.

When we got home, he lined up dutifully for a Healer stick smear. It looks kinda like a glue stick. See:


And he got a Healer stick smear every night and every morning, so that by the time school pictures rolled around, you couldn’t even see that red circle in the middle of his forehead. It even got to where he was just bellowing  “I NEED HEALER!”

I know pictures tell a thousand words, but I don’t have any because of his embarrassment, so just trust me on this.

I think anyone who has children needs to have one of these on hand, because they often do really goofy stuff that leads to really goofy minor injuries. But even if you don’t have kids, there’s really nothing this little wonder can’t do. Chapped lips?  Healer. Paper cut? Healer. Lip abrasion from a dog smacking you in the face with his big ol’ head when he was being a little too loving? Healer.  Perfectly round circle from headbutting a straw?

Healer, of course.

Melissa Sullivan has been a Perfectly Posh independent consultant since August. She enjoys taking her pooches to the dog park, consuming information and entertaining herself by reading weird Wikipedia entries. Her Posh site can be found at https://msullivan.po.sh Or check out her Facebook business page for all the latest sales and specials here.

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